What Our Clients Say About the Maestro Experience...

“Laurie did a stellar job communicating complex product benefits within a tricky regulatory compliance environment for Amrion Nutraceuticals. I have known her since 1997 and have found her to always be creative, insightful, and productive in her roles. She has a fun personality but focuses on getting her assignments done first… and done right.”

-John C. Manufacturing & Operations Director

“Thank you so much for your meticulous work again on our annual report. We are so pleased with how it turned out, and have received countless compliments on the tone of the writing… many of those from our stakeholders. We look forward to working with you on a continued basis in the future.”

-Jenn K.

Mercy Housing

“Your professionalism in reporting is truly admirable, and was definitely noted by the judges of the Jim Raglin (Media) Award. Congratulations, Laurie. Your efforts in educating our community have truly been a success!”

-Senator David Bernard-Stevens

District 42, Nebraska

“Laurie was my go-to for many projects from the '90s into the millennium, taking them from concept to completion with consistent effort. I can't recommend a more competent, warm and reliable professional.”

- Marcia J.,

Marketing Director,

Natural Health Industry

“Over two years, Laurie was able to creatively weave sales messages into stories that provided measureable results for our company. She has a disarming demeanor, and always provides a creative spin. Though she worked as a contractor, she approached the job with all the dedication and enthusiasm I expect from my full-time, onsite staff. I always knew I could trust her to deliver consistent quality with minimal direction, on time every time.”

- Jason A.

Sales/Marketing Director

“Given the distance, it's amazing how consistent things have been on your end. Your copy is always right in line with the marketing strategy, and at the same time, you connect with our residents on a personal level that is evident on the page. Thank you for your flexibility and unyielding pursuit of great stories!”

- Deb D., Editor, Leading Retirement Community