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  • Increase Aquisition & Retention
  • Breathe New Life into Underperforming Materials
  • Make Your Phones Ring and Readers Take Notice!

In Advertising and MARCOM, the Right Words are Critical.

Whether you're a marketing professional, an editor, a business owner or an ad executive, you're no stranger to copy. But just as every event has its own suitable decor, etiquette and attire, every writing project calls for its own particular tone, approach and style.

If you've ever tried to cut and paste copy from an old brochure to satisfy a sales or advertising need, or let someone on your staff do it because they "write well," you've probably watched as it did a whole lot of nothing. If only it were that easy…

Ad copy and Direct Mail require an effervescent approach that appeals to a reader's desires while skillfully countering objections throughout. Loaded with colorful verbs, emotion and lifestyle benefits, it requires many components in order to work; and trust us, they don't teach these in English class. Conversely, articles are ho-hum without compelling headers, intriguing callouts, and prolific interview questions. All these trade secrets are second hand to the pros at Maestro Copywriting, giving you one less thing to worry about.

The truth is, every written project should be customized to its unique purpose, whether that's sales, acquisition, retention, or something else. For these reasons and more, it's critical to consult with seasoned creatives with decades of targeted experience writing all these formats! Click  here to see what we have done for others. 

“Laurie was my go-to for many projects from the '90s into the millennium, taking them from concept to completion with consistent effort. I can't recommend a more competent, warm and reliable professional.”

- Marcia J.,

Marketing Director,

Natural Health Industry

“Given the distance, it's amazing how consistent things have been on your end. Your copy is always right in line with the marketing strategy, and at the same time, you connect with our residents on a personal level that is evident on the page. Thank you for your flexibility and unyielding pursuit of great stories!”

- Deb D., Editor, Erickson Retirement Community